Registered Teams

4V4 Tournament

Date: 2018-09-22

MAA - Max Teams - 20
1 Patrick Weber (PAID) David Beliveau (PAID)
Sebastian Fritz (PAID) Arash Salehi (PAID)
2 Christoph Gruenaug (PAID) Francesco Riginelli (PAID)
Aaron Crook (PAID) Bartek Gaik (PAID)
Marc Carroll (PAID)
3 Marcelo Haag (PAID) Chris Twine (PAID)
Lorenzo Tocco (PAID) Carl van der Heide (PAID)
Rodrigo Ruggieri Felix (PAID)
4 Artem Ipatyev (PAID) Roman Arkaev (PAID)
Kane Booker (PAID) Peter Horniak (PAID)
Martin Vavrla (PAID)
5 Luke Carroll (PAID) Alexander Gibbons (PAID)
Michael Mattern (PAID) Kai Martin (PAID)
Valentin Blanot (PAID)
6 Tuna von Reiche (PAID) Gareth Mann (PAID)
Julian de Luna (PAID) Fata von Reiche (PAID)
7 Dennis Alejo (PAID) Jude Amper (PAID)
Michael Marquez (PAID) Harvey Maglaya (PAID)
Don Dalisay (PAID)
8 Zack Plant (PAID) Brenden Frost (PAID)
Semisi Lomu (PAID) Carl Graham (PAID)
9 Ji Jun Ren (PAID) Trevor Li (PAID)
Kevin Song (PAID) Jordan August (PAID)
Tian Niu (PAID)
WAA - Max Teams - 20
1 Elizabeth Green (PAID) Sarah Nolet (PAID)
Georgia Esposito (PAID) Heather Paterson (PAID)
2 Katie Bartoli (PAID) Sabine Link (PAID)
Nicole Tung (PAID) Andri Courouzos (PAID)
Chantal Tung (PAID)
3 Sandrine Zawadzki (PAID) Yulia Tkachenko (PAID)
Graciela Ferrari (PAID) Marie Nguyen (PAID)
4 Helen Bicknell (PAID) Leonie Nagelmaeker (PAID)
Elaine Tay (PAID) Sandra Gaechter (PAID)
5 Natasha Gerold (PAID) Nikki Nguyen (PAID)
Cecille Cura (PAID) Rachael Dodwell (PAID)
6 Hazel Gow (PAID) Roberta Marchesini (PAID)
Ilaria Giovannetti (PAID) Elizabeth Graham (PAID)
7 Lisa-Marie Moegle (PAID) Peggy Rentsch (PAID)
Veronika Ticha (PAID) Gemma King (PAID)

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You and your team will have received an email with details of your registration and a link to the Entry Fee Payment. If you have not received an email please check your JUNK folder. Alternatively you can pay by following this link and entering your name exactly as it appears in the registered teams table above.