Junior Club Trainings

Our Junior training sessions are run during the school Term and cater to ages 10-18, of all skill levels. You must be a club member to join our training sessions. You can join online HERE

Below is an outline of the available sessions;


MAIN SESSION - Sunday mornings 10am to 1130am

These Sunday morning trainings run all year round and integrate all 3 skill divisions in to one large group session. These group sessions foster a competitive environment, challenging the group to play at the "next court up" by improving their skills and gameplay., but also create a strong club and group culture. Sessions are run on 3 courts at the south end of the Manly Beach volleyball courts.

If you are new to the program, come down on a Sunday for a Trial Session. You can then sign up to the Term HERE

The divisional breakdowns can be seen below

All year round

'DROP-IN' SESSION - Friday afternoons (time TBD)

This training session is aimed at those who are enrolled in the Junior Beach League as a complimentary session to their registration, OR kids of the same age that were unable to join the comp and can pay a $10 casual rate to attend and train.

Summer season only

ADVANCED SESSION - Thursday afternoons (time TBD)

Thursday training sessions are an invitational session aimed at our advanced junior athletes. They may be representing the State at the National Championships, show potential to, or aspiring to the Talent pathway. Visit our Pathways page

Summer season only

Divisional Breakdown

For kids have been playing the game for a longer time and show more advanced skill development than others in the same age group, at this point in time. OR show potential to progress to state programs. Likely to be advanced 10-14yo, or 15+ that have learnt and played the game of volleyball.

For kids that are 12-14 y.o that are still learning the game, OR younger kids that have played >6-12mths. OR, 15+ y.o and have NEVER played.

For kids between 9-11 that are learning the game of volleyball. Have only been playing a short time (<6mths). OR perhaps are older (12-14), and have NEVER played before.